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Kick off Good Beer Month with the Get Real Craft Beer Passport



Monday marks the first day of July, and that means it’s also the first day of Good Beer Month! Under proclamation of the mayor, the month will celebrate craft beer and feature a bunch of special beer events in New York City. The month also puts the spotlight on the Good Beer Seal bars, a group of 41 bars chosen by a panel of beer experts that specialize in craft beer (full disclosure: the editor of Brew York is on this panel).

The folks at Get Real, along with the New York State Brewers Assocation, are celebrating Good Beer Month with the Craft Beer Passport. The $30 passport entitles you to a free pint of beer at 39 different bars in all five boroughs between July 1st and Labor Day, September 2nd. That’s, like, 77 cents a glass if you make it to all 39. These bars all proudly pour New York State beer as well, so you can keep it local with brews from spots like Shmaltz, Barrier, Brooklyn, Empire, and more.

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Sometimes you dig yourself too deep deep to get out.

I wish there was such a thing as “middle ground”. Apparently, when being in a relationship, it’s your way or no other way. No meeting I the middle.

Why is that when I try to do something nice, it ALWAYS backfires?

#christmaspresent #bestever #ilovemyboyfriend

#christmaspresent #bestever #ilovemyboyfriend

Do you think sharks would feel stupid if they ever found out we can all see their fin above the water?
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